Terms & Conditions


Every new student benefits from a free trial class on scene study. To book a spot for a trial class please contact inscriptions@ateliertheatreny.com and mention the class you are interested in. There are no trial classes for Improv, shows and public speaking classes.


  • You can book a spot in a class by paying the early bird fee online or if you wish to wait until the trial class, you can contact us at inscriptions@ateliertheatreny.com. We’ll add you to a list and you’ll have to pay the general fee after the trial class.
  • Payment is due on the first day of class, after the trial class.
  • Payment is made by Credit Card or Paypal online.


  • The absence of one or several participants may never be subject to a refund.
  • L’Atelier Theater reserves the right to cancel a class if the minimum amount of students is not reached. In that particular case, checks will be reimbursed.
  • In the case where a teacher is absent, a make up class will be scheduled.


The payment of your membership fee serves as registration. For in-person courses, please also send us the waiver signed at the time of your registration to inscriptions@ateliertheatreny.com. Your registration can be cancelled up to 72 hr before the 1st course for early bird rates and before the 2nd course for those who wish to participate in the trial course.

  • In case, the city/state orders a new shutdown, we will move to a class on zoom. If the shutdown occurs in the first 3 classes, students can elect to be refunded for the remaining classes. If the shutdown occurs later in the trimester, there will be no refund as the class will continue on zoom. 
  • In the case one student becomes ill with covid, the class will temporarily move to zoom for a period of 2 weeks, so that students have the time to get tested and quarantine accordingly. 
  • In the case one student is a contact case or feels sick, we ask that you do not come to class before receiving a negative test. 


Your health is important to us.

L’Atelier Théâtre follows NY State Covid 19 guidelines strictly. We thank you in advance for following the instructions given by the studio where the rehearsal takes place as well as the one given by your teacher.

  • The wearing of the mask is optional.
  • The students willing to enroll for an in-person class must sign a waiver before the beginning of classes.
  • To know more about the safety measures taken by the studio, please click on this link.

L’Atelier Theatre reserves the right to cancel a class if the minimum amount of students is not reached. In that particular case, class fees will be reimbursed.

For further information, send us an email at info@ateliertheatreny.com