L’Atelier Theatre provides drama classes in French to the French & Francophile community in New York. L’Atelier Theatre offers classes for adults at all levels in scene study, improv, public speaking, & commedia dell’arte. Every May, our students perform in a state of the art theater and present a festival of French plays. 

Non-native speakers improve their command of the French language by approaching text through drama. Through play, they discover the pleasure of the French language. Scene Study level 1 and public speaking classes are particularly adapted from students who are currently learning the language. 

At l’Atelier, the students find a way to express themselves with passion and clarity. Our classes give our students a space of freedom where they can play, explore language and text.


Fall 2020 IMPROV WORKSHOP SOLD OUT! – (in person classes) Prof. Remy Souchon You are shy or outgoing, expert or beginner, passionate or neophyte ? We invite you to discover improv’ at L’atelier theatre. No text, no props. The only tools you’ll need are your personality and your imagination. You’ll learn how to develop an … Continue reading IMPROV


Fall 2020 Monologues SOLD OUT! – (in person classes) Prof: Guillaume Roper Sirvent A workshop for adults of all ages and with all kinds of acting experience, where you would have the opportunity to work on a monologue. There are no prerequisites or previous knowledge needed for this course. This course is taught in a … Continue reading SCENE STUDY