The Team

Our team is composed of actors and professional theater teachers who share a passion for theater and teaching.

L’Atelier Theatre is a joyful troop of theater enthusiasts, with past experiences ranging from 0 to 15 years. Along with the professors, we produce semi-professional shows each year, which is a great opportunity for students to develop experience on stage.

In 2012, Roxane Revon founded Diffractions and started giving drama classes in French in NY. In 2014, Laura Lassy Townsend joined Roxane and , together, they created L’Atelier Théâtre NY. Combining both European and American theater traditions, the classes offer classical as well as contemporary techniques. Today, the company counts 60 members.

Guillaume Roper Sirvent first joined us as an actor in 2016, then as a professor and theater director. He staged, among others, the show La lumière à tous les étages.

In September 2020, after 8 years at the Atelier Théâtre, Roxane returns to France. Remy-S takes up the torch and joins L’Atelier to teach stand up and improv, bringing more than 15 years of experience as a comedian, writer, director and producer.

Welcome to the Atelier !  

Laura Lassy Townsend

Artistic director

Laura Lassy Townsend is an actor, director, producer, acting teacher and co-founder of L’Atelier Theatre.


Guillaume Roper Sirvent

Scenes study teacher

Guillaume is an actor, director acting and history teacher.



Improv and stand up teacher

Remy-s is an actor, writer, director, producer and improv + stand up teacher.


Roxane Revon


Roxane is an actor, director, acting teacher and the co-founder of L’Atelier Théâtre.